OSM Nepal: Recalling 2020

Key players and activities

In 2020, Kathmandu Living Labs, NAXA, Youth Innovation Lab, YouthMappers (all its chapters in Nepal), World Food Program (WFP), etc. were the major organizations working in the OSM domain of Nepal. They primarily worked on improving buildings, roads, and landuse which are basic yet most important geospatial data. Besides, special mention to many independent national and international volunteers contributing to OSM Nepal through mapping and other means.

Glimpse of OSM related events organized in Nepal throughout 2020 (Image: KLL, Naxa, GESAN, and YIL’s Facebook)


I am proud of all the YouthMappers’ chapters and their activities here in Nepal. They have been one of the greatest assets for the OSM community of Nepal because of their large numbers and active participation. As of today, there are 6 YouthMappers chapters based in different cities of Nepal. Geomatics Engineering Students’ Association of Nepal (GESAN) is the oldest and only inaugural chapter among them. All the chapters have been organizing remote mapping events, map literacy programs, GIS related training, career counseling courses, publishing annual magazines, etc. Since their establishment, they have also been partnering with KLL, NAXA, YIL, and other organizations for improving OSM data in the region.

Representation in the international community

Dr. Nama Raj Budhathoki was selected as a Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) Regional Hub Director for Asia. He will be spearheading an initiative to build OSM communities around 25 countries in the Asia region and partner with other organizations for improving people’s lives through data.

More stats

Trend of mappers contributing to OSM Nepal
First OSM mapping meetup in Nepal (Image: Bijay Dewan)
Data source: Pascal Neis

Way Forward

Data-driven decision making is very crucial especially to a country like Nepal, which is likely to experience disasters at any point in the future. So, let’s continue our effort on creating free and accessible geospatial data all around Nepal and the world!!



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