[Disclaimer: The views expressed here are my personal and don’t represent the thoughts of my employer. Since these are based on my own observations, I might have missed some information. ]

2020 was a very different year for the whole world. In Nepal, although the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed on 23rd January 2020, the government issued a nationwide lockdown starting from 24th March. The whole nation was halted with schools, universities, offices, and businesses closed. One of the few options people had with them was to spend time with their computer.

During this extraordinary time, the OpenStreetMap (OSM)

I had been following SotM since 2017. Being involved in OSM through the medium of YouthMappers and Kathmandu Living Labs(KLL), I was extremely interested to attend the 2019 conference as soon as I heard about it. The conference being held at Bangladesh was another attraction. I had heard a lot about the dazzling streets, yummy food and amazing people of Bangladesh yet had not got the chance to witness it myself.

The journey of SotM started luckily with being awarded a scholarship covering all my expenses. …

My DIAL Experience

I came to know about the Digital Internship and Leadership Program (DIAL) program of Kathmandu Living Labs (KLL) one year ago through my seniors in my college. I had thought of applying for the internship that same year but couldn’t do it due to my hectic schedule. Some of my friends got selected for cohort II so I was planning to apply for cohort III. As soon as the forms were open, I applied, and luckily I got selected.

Since I had exams the following week, I was in dilemma of doing the internship. But I thought…

Rabin Ojha

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